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he actually went to juvie for stealing the synogogue's van


+) Schmidt's $18 handmade granola cereal.

+) "Nick, you're gonna love my dad so much, he's so unhappy."

+) CeCe seeing right through Jess's parent trapping.

+) "You grieved so publicly on instagram."

+) Jess's dad and Nick having a grump party.

+) Nick being blindsided by being schooled that his zombie romance novel is in fact a Twilight ripoff. I still try to have hope that at least his protagonist was a surly, cynical zombie at heart.

+) A Schmidt vs Schmidt cook off. It's like they know my weakness for cooking competition shows.

+) Well um Schmidt has mouth on mouth kissed Nick like three times already. Just sayin, just sayin.
Tags: banter!banter!banter!, fangirling is totally a healthy hobby, my kinks are being met, nick miller: tv boyfriend #1, schmidt is charmingly douchetastic, so much squee so little time, the new girl
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