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you're on the verge of impressing me

+) I think it's time to lock Elena up in the Salvatore cellar. Everyone gets a turn! Also Jeremy should move in with Matt. They can have a bitchin bachelor pad together and stay up all night sharing deep secrets with each other and having pillow fights.

+) I bet it stopped for Klaus after he drew enough pictures of ponies while sulking by the fireplace.

+) Best part of the episode was unsurprisingly Halluci!Kat. Flawless, catty, better than everyone even as a figment of someone's imagination.

+) Damon in Alaric's classroom, toasting and talking to him. And then at the bar still looking over at that seat and ordering him a drink. Forever saving a place for Ric. How much do I heart that they are continuing to recognize his missing and remembering Alaric?

+) "Yeah, we helped a friend by handing over another friend." PREACH, TYLER. The list of sacrifices everyone has to make in the name of Elena continues to grow.

+) Look at Matty, sleuthing it up! GOLD STAR, BRO.
Tags: damon/alaric, fangirling is totally a healthy hobby, jeremy and matt are awesome, katherine is a hbic, matt and all his preciousness, my heart grew three sizes, pretty people are pretty, vampire diaries
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