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bathtubs are medieval filth cauldrons


+) Schmidt and Nick's couch wrestling. "Camel clutch!"

+) Jess's group bathtub picture, complete with substituting James Brown for a non-smiling Winston.

+) Schmidt's suit portfolio. GLORIOUS.

+) "She's surly like I'm surly. She rolls her eyes at everybody like I roll my eyes at everybody." FURTHER PROOF THAT I AM NICK MILLER'S SOULMATE.

+) A "Jess and Winston thing" existing. With hijinks!

+) Schmidt's douchebag bathroom mirror pep talking himself.

+) Schmidt refusing to be denied and non-con hugging Nick. NON-CON HUGGING >>>>> NON-CON HAND HOLDING.

+) Return of the creeper threesome landlord dude! crackers4jenn must be pleased!
Tags: banter!banter!banter!, fangirling is totally a healthy hobby, i ship it, it's raining hearts, my kinks are being met, nick miller: tv boyfriend #1, nick/schmidt, schmidt is charmingly douchetastic, so much squee so little time, the new girl
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