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Walk A Mile In This Lipgloss

I'm like Tinkerbell. I need applause to live!!

Fangirl of many things (too many things to be honest). Slash appreciator. McEdwards biggest fangirl. Lover of books. Consumed by pop culture and TV. Maker of icons.

Icon maker at ridinxdirty and crownedroyals




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$10 bets, alias, alt!world team fringe, angel, annie edison enthusiast, babyface!brian pwns beardy!brian, bamf!cas, banter!banter!banter!, being human, ben edlund worshipping, ben wyatt's face, bowling alley lawyers, boyd crowder's white scarf, brooke/peyton, bryan greenberg, bryce larkin, buffy, carl edwards, cas's s4 sex!hair, castiel, charlie francis, christopher "sully" sullivan, chuck, coffee, community, damon salvatore, damon/alaric, daniel dae kim's cheekbones, dark angel, david anders, dean winchester, dean/cas, dean/cas eyeporn, dinosaurs aren't real, dollhouse, dunphys are the bestest, elijah the gentleman bamf, empire records, endverse = best spnverse, ephram brown, eureka, everwood, fabio and richard's bromance, flawless jesse st james, frackles, fringe, garbage, glee, h50, harper's island, hilarie burton, hrg, i heart caroline forbes, jake/peyton, jaye tyler, jeff gordon, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen's alec hair, jensen/misha, jeremy carver worshipper, jesse/rachel, jim halpert, jimmy eat world, jin, jin/sun, joel mchale, john krasinski, jon stewart, justified, kathy griffin, katie cassidy, kristin kreuk, kurt & rachel bffery, kyle busch, lance sweets, lex/lana, lincoln lee, lincoln lee/alt!livia/charlie, lipsmackers, lost, marc and amanda, marksha, marshall flinkman, marty casey, mary cherry, matt bomer, matt saracen/sleeve cuffs, max/alec, mcedwards, michael ian black, mike/harvey, misha collins's guhworthy hands, misha freaking collins, music, my hero leslie knope, my so-called life, nascar, neal caffrey, neal/peter, neil gaiman, new girl, nick miller's ranting, nikita, nolan ross's fashion sense, pam beesley, papa winchester, pink, pink/carey, placebo, popular, princess ella gordon, psych, puck/rachel, pushing daisies, rachel berry, rachel mcadams, reading, revenge, robert downey jr., rollerrinks, roswell, ryan gosling, schmidt's douchetastic gloriousness, seth green, sherlock, shirley manson, sid/cassie, single tear of perfection, skins, stanning lea michele, stephen colbert, suits, supernatural, the bishops, the busch brothers, the colbert report, the daily show, the other prettiest pretty, the prettiest pretty, the soup, the tyler family, toby flenderson, troy and abed, tru/harrison, vincent nigel murray, wasting time on youtube, what walter is having, white collar, wonderfalls